Self-Adhesive Mesh Tape

Glass fibre self adhesive tape used to join boards together, no pre plastering required, resists crack and rot, easy application without blistering and bubbling.

Roll size: 50mm x 45m


Standard DIY wire nail used in various applications for carpentry and construction.

Size: 3 inch

Clout Nails

Diameter: 3.5mm
Length: 32mm

Description: Hot dipped galvanised, flat headed, short nail, used to attach sheet metal to timber often used in roofing applications. Can be used as a general fixing fastener when a large headed nail is required.

Dry Wall Screws

Diameter: 3.5mm
Length: 25mm, 32mm, 41mm

Description: Self piercing point, guaranteeing high speed application for fixing plasterboards to timber or metal. Drywall screws heads have a curved taper, allowing them to self-pilot and install rapidly without punching through the paper cover.

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