Shutterply is manufactured of selected, alternating parallels, veneer layers. Each layer is coated with Phenol Formaldehyde resin. A final selected veneer is pressed on both sides and finishes the board. The ply is then graded. stock in selected thicknesses from 3mm – 32mm. Supply Five typically stocks ply in grades: C+C, BC and BB.


Shutterply (C+C Grade) specifically developed to be used as concrete form shuttering boards. Manufactured of selected veneers, perfectly fabricated and glued together with Phenol Formaldehyde resin. Two extra layers are placed on each side parallel to the grains for extra strength. Finally well selected, Okoume veneer is pressed on both the sides making it ideal to use in formwork and construction.

Pine Plywood

Imported from one of the world’s top plywood production plants in Brazil, Brazilian Pine plywood is veneered with high grade Loblolly pine veneers.

Birch Plywood Sveza

Exterior Birch Plywood is a high-quality construction material with high durability and moisture resistance. It maintains its performance characteristics under conditions of high humidity and does not deform or soak. It can be used in both interior and exterior finish.

Commercial Plywood

Sourced and produced in South East Asia, using a hardwood core and veneered with a commercial or red specie face.


OSB uses an engineered manufacturing process to provide superb performance in either diaphragms or shear walls, creating a rigid wall system. OSB provides extra thermal resistance and acoustic control. In addition, OSB is highly workable, easy to saw, drill, nail, plane, file, glue, paint, or sand. OSB can be installed horizontally or vertically and the manufacturing process ensures panel uniformity that removes uncertainty from every construction project with no core voids or knotholes. The strands are oriented in cross directional layers for increased strength, then bonded with resins under high heat and pressure. Throughout this highly automated and FULLY ENGINEERED process, panels are monitored and tested to meet stringent quality standards. All OSB is manufactured to meet the Exposure 1 durability classification.


Hardboard, also called high-density fiberboard (HDF), which is an engineered wood product. Because it is made out of exploded wood fibers that have been highly compressed, it is dense, strong and hard.
Hardboard is widely used for partitioning, built-in cupboards, case goods, site office interiors, exterior cladding, packaging, shuttering, posters / picture backs, automotive interiors, doors, flooring, signs, wall paneling, temporary housing, shop fitting and garden sheds.


Softboard is a multi-purpose, low density fibreboard panel that is easy to handle, lightweight and durable. It has numerous uses in homes, offices, factories and educational institutions. It has excellent insulation properties in Winter and Summer. Environmentally friendly and fully recycleable.

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WBP – Water Boil Proof
B/C – Furniture Grade (The B face is repaired, all knots are removed and filled)
C/C+ – Shutter Grade (The C+ face is sanded and repaired)

*Not all products listed are standard stock items. Please check stock before placing an order to avoid disappointment.