Overlayed plywood, specifically developed to be used as concrete, formwork and shuttering boards. Supply Five caters to the local market with various options depending on the desired investment.

Supply Five offers various items in this product line:

Black Film Face

BLACK FILM FACE is constructed with a poplar core and finished with a black resin face on both sides. This board is a ‘patch board’ and is specifically manufactured for one off applications.

Armour Shield Plydek

ARMOUR SHIELD Plydek Film Face, is a cost effective super finisher. Fabricated with durable cross band Poplar veneers and Melamine resins, finally faced with Phenolic film at high pressure presenting a smooth shuttering finish. If manufacturer’s directions are followed one could expect to achieve between 2 and 4 uses from each board.

Brazilian Film Face

Premium BRAZILIAN Loblolly Pine Film Face, is fabricated to perfection from peeled 2.7mm and 3.1mm veneers and bonded together with the exclusive use of high quality Phenol Resins. The form is overlaid on both sides with 120g high quality resin, placed parallel to the grains for extra strength which gives these panels weather and boil resistance. Following manufacturer’s care instructions, one could expect to achieve between 4 and 6 uses from each board.


SUPLEX is a Premium Quality Resin Faced Plywood, manufactured with a hardwood core and guaranteed phenol formaldehyde glue. Pressed at a required pressure and temperature the product comes with a guarantee. If used according to correct care and usage instructions one could expect to get approximately 10 uses from this board.

Birch Film Face

SVEZA Film Faced Birch Plywood is a high-quality plywood covered with resin treated paper that turns into a protective film during production and comes with smooth surface. The edges are sealed with water-dispersible acrylic paint. This type of plywood is widely used in the construction industry and vehicle production. It is easy to mount and work with and with the right care and handling one can expect approximately 20 uses.

Bamboo Film Face

BAMBOO ply has more load bearing capacity. Using bamboo ply for shuttering and formwork can result in substantial cost saving since it can be used up to 20 times in some cases. It improves construction speed and reduces manpower requirements, as well as being and ideal framework material for precast and concrete moulds.

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*Not all products listed are standard stock items. Please check stock before placing an order to avoid disappointment.
**Reuses are highly dependent of job site good care of boards, contact us for guarantees and approximate uses.